Our Body – Keeping it Clean!

As I go throughout my day, there are things that I avoid such as mud, spilling food on myself, and other things that would cause my body to get dirty.  Then there are the things I do to get clean such as brushing my teeth, taking a shower and washing my hair.

Ever try to keep a child clean?  It can be quite the task, especially if the child loves to play in the mud! So it is with keeping our bodies clean and healthy.  I know, you are thinking it is not that hard. Just take a bath or shower and your body is clean, but it is healthy? Are there habits that are detrimental to your health?  Are you taking the steps necessary to keep it healthy? Are you avoiding using toxic products in your home?

As we begin a New Year, many people are busy making New Year’s resolutions.   Many of them are ones that will impact health such as quitting a bad habit like smoking or drinking.  Some are making a resolution to lose weight. Others are planning on developing new habits such as exercise.  These are all good. We will be talking about some of the habits that we need to avoid or give up and some new ones that will help improve our health and wellness as we take this journey together.  Are you ready? What habits or behaviors do you need to change in 2019? Are there some things that you need to quit doing? Are there some good habits you need to develop? Pick one thing that you can start working on right now in the New Year and start working on changing that habit.  If you can’t think of anything you need to change, continue to follow me here and maybe you will find something that could help impact your health for the better. Here is to a new year and improved health and wellness!! God Bless!!

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